Foundation Repair

Foundation issues can affect the safety of your home. These can also affect the appearance and value as well. If the foundation is failing, there will be clear signs. These can include uneven floors, windows or doors that are stuck and cracked or buckling walls. If proper repairs are not made, it can lead to bigger and possibly more expensive repairs in the future.

If your foundation has been affected by water damage, age, poor construction or other factors, Hukill’s Foundation Systems can help. We have trained professionals to help and we use top grade products to make these repairs. Call us today so we can assess any possible problems and make recommendations for resolving the issues.


  • Push Piers
  • Helical Pre-Construction Piers
  • Wall Stabilizing

Push Piers

The Grip-Tite® Foundation Push Pier System is used to fix foundation settlement. The Push Pier System uses steel tubes that utilize the weight of the structure to hydraulically drive the piers to bedrock or other competent load bearing strata. Our Push Pier tube are manufactured from high strength/low alloy hot rolled steel. Push Pier structural tubes are offered in 3″ diameter.

Helical Pre-Construction Piers

Helical piers (also known as helical piles) are used to repair an existing structure and also for new construction. The helical flights are geometrically spaced along the shaft to provide minimal disruption of the soils as they are installed. A foundation bracket is then connected to support the failing foundation or specified terminations are connected to the installed shaft to support new foundations.

Wall Stabilizing

The Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor System utilizes proven engineering methods to secure and stabilize deteriorating basement walls. Bowed, cracked or leaning basement walls are a sign that something is going very wrong with the structural integrity of your property.