Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are a place that might have unknown issues that could be affecting the inside of your house as well. As warm air rises and exits your house through the attic or windows, the cooler air from under your house is coming from your crawlspace. This cool moist air is coming from a place that might have rot, mold or rodent droppings. This is called the “stack effect” and we can help do something about it.

Hukills Foundation Systems can make the necessary repairs to fix your crawl space problems that could include water damage, poor construction or animals. We can address the moisture problems, clean up the mess, and make structural repairs. These can also help improve energy efficiency. Small or big, your crawl space can be made into a clean and healthy space.

Our encapsulation can keep the crawl space clean, dry and secure. Our services can help keep the destructive moisture out while offering improved air quality indoors.


  • Sump Pumps
  • Encapsulations
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Drainage systems
  • Earthquake Retrofitting